Show Us the Healthy Coping Strategy You’ve Learned to Help Calm Your Body and Mind for a Chance to Win a Prize from a Local Shop

We know that you (our wonderful students) have been working hard to learn about the many different ways to manage and cope with stress. Our social workers and teachers have shared many strategies and now it’s time to show off all these great skills, so we can promote some peer learning!

Submit a video, drawing, picture, poem or paragraph demonstrating what healthy coping strategy you’ve learned or have been using to help calm your body and mind. Examples of these strategies might include going for a walk, riding your bike, video calling family or friends, belly breathing, tensing and relaxing muscles, practicing gratitude, visualization, etc.

Both classroom and individual submission are welcome. One class will be drawn from each school and prizes will be given to each student in that class. Entries that are submitted may be featured on your school or Board’s social media account.  

To support our local family owned businesses, prizes will be coming from Decadently Yours in Guelph, Scoopelora in Elora, Iscreamm in Arthur, Baileys Ice Cream in Erin, Fergies in Fergus, Ed and Rosie's Ice Cream in Rockwood, and The Old Hound in Mount Forest!

All entries must be submitted by May 7. The entries will be entered into a draw on May 10. We look forward to seeing your submissions!

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